About Qenite Games

About Us
Qenite Games is a company work on developing and publishing online games. It presents online video games of all kinds to answer the Players calls and we are always honored to present arabic online games, that with it we plant good habits in our heroes like cooperation and sharing and making friends and it's one of the famous translating teams which makes us trustworthy for you and your information safety before anything, we started our work on the game Dragon Nest with our arabic flavour to suit the arabic players and we hope to present big games and become the best.
Our Mission
Qenite Games is providing fun and interest for its players all over the middle east through presenting the contents of entertainment and excitement on the internet.
And we preparing varied collection of innovative,unique games to create new experience that exceeds the cultural difference of our players, Qenite Games also doing its best to achieve this amount of entertainment on the internet in the near future.
That we all dream about to transform it into tangible reality with your presence with.
Our Vision
Qenite Games seeks to develop and present the special games and captivating creativity in order to provide pleasure and entertainment for the arabic player all over the middle east through our games,
Because our seeking is deeply focused in improving the arabic games field to be able to compete with other communities in the future.
Why Qenite?

Learn About Our Values


Fun and enjoyment to share with gamers all over the arabic world
Imagination, creativity and ingenuity are the best value.


Creation of game culture to share with everyone
Qenite Games always do its best to comply with the responsibility and continue to focus on efforts to create its valuable game culture.


Talent pool of qualified specialists
Qenite Games striving to compete with the world, while managing the company of the talent, by the talent, for the talent.

Not Enough?

Look At Qenite Goals

Via Your Eye

Since we are originally players, we see the games presented to you from your perspective, and that is why we always work hard to present everything that a player needs to have the best experience in the whole Arabic world !


You are the best part of us. the heart of the team, that's why we try our best to present to you everything we have from services and features to help you use any services we have in the best way possiple.

The Strong Relationship

Between you and us is a Relationship that is impossible to destroy and that's why you wont see the greed and hatred you see from other big companies and teams !

For You Only

Because you are the best and deserve the best, everything we do is for you only and our reward is your happiness and satisfaction of our services and to be your secret of happiness

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